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When the Erie initially electrified the Rochester to Mt. Morris passenger service, it ordered six motor cars from the St. Louis Car Company. Four of the cars 3100-3103, were 54-passenger passenger-smoking cars and two cars, 3104 and 3105, were 34-passenger combination passenger-baggage cars. Car 3104 is seen here in Rochester.

Each car was equipped with four Westinghouse 132-A traction motors rated at 100 hp each providing sufficient power for a motor car to haul a standard passenger car trailer, express, baggage or milk car as might be required. The cars were also equipped with electro-pneumatic multi-unit control systems which allowed more than one motor car to be operated in a train when circumstances demanded. Standard couplers were used at both ends so no special provision was necessary to haul standard cars.

The picture was taken immediately south of the train shed from the area around the express building and coach yard looking northeast. The Genesee River is directly behind the concrete wall visible behind 3104. If one looks closely next to the end of the passenger car behind 3104 the roof and clock tower of the Lehigh Valley's Rochester station across the Genesee River can be seen. The Lehigh Valley station and train shed were built above a "power canal" along the river. Iron or steel trestle work supported the whole train shed structure above the waters of the canal below.

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