Note About Former Railroad Employee Records

The Erie Lackawanna Historical Society does not have access to nor maintain in its Archives employee records from the DL&W, Erie or Erie Lackawanna. Two web sites that might prove useful to those in search of employee records are the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board web site and for former Erie Railroad employees and a possible lead for former DL&W employees, Jim Sponholz's web site pages dedicated to helping find former railroad employee records.

Erie Val Map Collection on DVD

Last Updated on 04 May 2015
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In 2000 the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society began a program to catalog and digitize our collection of ICC valuation maps to make them available to the membership and the public. The society owns a complete collection of 1918 base line maps for the Erie, and a mostly complete collection for the Delaware, Lackawanna, & Western, and the Wilkes-Barre & Eastern. The release of the complete set of Erie Railroad Valuation Maps on DVD occured early in 2013 and we are now able to offer a complete set for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad.

Both Erie and Lackawanna Railroad collections consist DVDs arranged by division and branch. Each disc buff index contains PDF files of the scanned 1918 baseline Valuation Maps that correspond to a particular EL division. We have also included a number of historical USGS 15' Topographic maps for selected areas on each disc. All files are easily located on the disc through an Index that can be viewed and navigated with any web browser. The Erie Railroad collection, present here, is the first in our series because we have the maps for the entire system.

We could not have completed the Lackawanna collection without the digital donations from the Steamtown Archives and the EL Corporate Archives at the University of Akron.  Digital Donations from these institution helped fill the gape in our collection and made it possible to offer the entire set of maps to you.

The Lackawanna Collection is offered on two DVDs.  One for covering all its lines in New York state and all lines in New Jersery and Pennsylvania.

Each DVD is priced at $80.00 retail or $40.00 with the ELHS members' discount. The entire set is $400 retail or $200 with ELHS members' discount.  ELHS members will see the discount price once they log into the site

$80.00 each Erie Valuation Maps: EL New York Division Area
$80.00 each Erie Valuation Maps: EL Susquehanna Division Area
$80.00 each Erie Valuation Maps: EL Buffalo Division Area
$80.00 each Erie Valuation Maps: EL Marion Division Area
$80.00 each Erie Valuation Maps: EL Mahoning Division Area
$80.00 each DL&W Valuation Maps in New York
$80.00 each DL&W Valuation Maps in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

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